Mission: host a program where underprivileged high school aged student-athletes are motivated to capitalize on tremendous resources in order to equip themselves for life after high school- whether that be at a college, trade school, or in the military.

Goal: Initially, we are offering this one of a kind program to a select group of 35 junior and senior athletes. By 2015 we want expand this program to include other grades and non-athletes.

Method: We plan to achieve our mission and goals through a custom 4-prong program that includes: standardized test prep and classroom tutoring, leadership and life skills development, mentorship, and high intensity athletic training.

Elevate Resource Portal

Elevate will create this program with the help of several professional partners:

Academics: The Princeton Review of Colorado will partner with Heart Power for the academic portion of this program. They will provide academic tutoring, ACT preparation, and other college admissions-oriented coaching to students who might not otherwise have access to such resources:

  • A TPR-Led Fundamentals Course to be held twice per week for a total of 3 hours per week
  • Access to the Online Student Dashboard with additional drills, practice questions, and homework assignments
  • Five 1-hour Drop-in Tutoring sessions held throughout the Fundamentals Course during which students can receive help with homework, the opportunity to do additional ACT drills, and review their work with a tutor.
  • Manual for the ACT: time tested strategy guide for effective and efficient test taking
  • Four full-length ACT practice tests: realistic diagnostics to mimic test day experience and performance
  • Online support: 20 – 30 hours of additional ACT support, including two additional tests, and a suite of content review drills.


Leadership and Life Skills development:

We will have several speakers and guests talk on the importance of being a CHAMP. That means having great character, heart, attitude, motivation, and pride. We will also work to teach topics of practical knowledge such as balancing a check-book, communicating their brand, and speaking in public. In addition, we will stress “paying it forward” and community service will be required of program participants.



Heart Power has partnered with Denver Bronco Derek Wolfe and his non-profit the Wolfe Pack Foundation for partial funding of the initial program. Several Denver Broncos staff and players will be providing mentor opportunities for support and encouragement throughout the program. Elevate personnel will have continued communication with the teachers, parents, and coaches of the students chosen. There will be weekly and monthly tracking and reports.


Health and Fitness (athletic development):

Xplosive will partner with ELEVATE for the athletic portion of this program. Xplosive will encourage and challenge the athletes to treat every day like it is a game day with intensity and intelligence. They will also stress and teach the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet. We are also aware that several fall sports will be in season during Elevate; therefore, Xplosive’s sessions will supplement workout and practice. They will not interfere with normal routine; however, they will be available to provide recovery and maintenance.